Gary Brohman

Over his long career in education at Haliburton Highlands Secondary School, Gary Brohman managed to juggle his assigned duties of teaching and administration with his passion for athletics. Before and after the bell rang, thousands of students called him “Coach Broh”. His volunteerism in the extracurricular school sports of hockey, basketball, and track & field were all impressive contributions to sport.

He was a familiar figure with a whistle around his neck in the gym, at the arena, and on what is now called the Gary G. Brohman Athletic Field, named in his honour after his retirement. His commitment to developing a football culture on that field became his true legacy with multiple championship successes at both the Kawartha District level and Central Ontario Secondary School Athletics championship level.

Brohman was instrumental in starting the HHSS hockey program in 1985, and coached the team in its inaugural year. He also took on coaching and executive duties with Minor Hockey, and coordinated Men’s and Old Timers’ leagues. His holistic approach to the lifelong benefits of athletics is evident through the enthusiastic testaments of former students. Some went on to be professional athletes, and others have incorporated the disciplines of sports training into other facets of their lives.

“Coach Brohman always encouraged us to work hard and do our best in class. Combining athletics with academics became my personal goal.”

“As a mentor, he instilled tenacity, discipline and preparation. Coach Broh remembers and takes pride in every player that ever took the field for him and he has a great story to tell about each one of them.”

“He was a builder, not just of student athletic programs, but of men and women. He helped us be successful on and off the field.”

Gary Brohman created opportunities for the youth of Haliburton County to succeed in all facets of development. With a focus on citizenship, he encouraged excellence in athletics, the arts and student achievement. His dedication is reflected in the next generation of leaders throughout the Highlands.


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